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Lethbridge Gym Family




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Group Classes

We have a wide variety of small group classes that can be adapted to every fitness level. Whether it's Strength & Conditioning, Powerlifting, Yoga, Zen Zone or Oh Baby... you will enjoy the shared energy of other like-minded individuals with a coach leading the class to ensure you're moving properly and efficiently!

Intense Training

Personal Training

Work with a Coach 1-1 doing programming that is completely tailored to your needs.  We will educate you on proper technique, provide you with an easy-to-follow program designed specifically for you, and give you the ongoing support and motivation you need to achieve long-lasting results!

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Nutrition Coaching

Our nutrition coaches believe in a wholistic, maintainable and balanced approach to nutrition. We will work with you to develop healthy eating habits that will allow you to achieve your best health for both your body and mind! 

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At Live Better Health & Fitness, our number one goal is that you leave feeling BETTER than when you came in!


Let's face it... the past few years were a little rough, and it knocked more than a few of us off track. But we are here to help you rebuild a consistent fitness routine and a renewed zest for life! You deserve to feel strong, confident, focused and full of energy... and we want to be the gym that helps you do just that!

No matter where you are at in your fitness journey, we can help you achieve your goals... and have some FUN doing it!. You will be surrounded by coaches who care and a community that motivates and inspires one another! We want to be your #1 Lethbridge Gym and a family that supports your total wellbeing for many years to come. 

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Life is about balance and at Live Better Health & Fitness Lethbridge, balance means working hard AND enjoying the finer things that make life great! Our coaches will work with you to achieve a balanced approach to health and fitness.  



We want you to feel welcome from the first moment you step through our doors. We might possibly have the most supportive, friendliest members and coaches in Lethbridge.... so be prepared to make some new friends on your health & fitness journey!



Live Better Health & Fitness Lethbridge isn't just the "gym you go to"... it's a lifestyle. We will work with you to help you make sustainable changes that fit into your life... changes that will bring you RESULTS and that can be maintained in the long term. 



Live Better has truly been a blessing for my husband and I. The owners, trainers, and other patrons are like family. Live Better opened my eyes to new forms of fitness that I'd never thought I'd be doing. I have also had reconstructive knee surgery and have never once worried about being able to participate in a class. Sign up for the free trial! You won't regret it!


My decision to join Live Better was based off their early morning classes. I immediately felt like family and quickly class times didn’t matter so much as it did. One of my favorite things about LB is that every day is a different challenging specific work out and you really never know what you’re going to get. I love the knowledgeable, passionate and motivating coaches and working out with new friends each day.To anyone new who’s considering joining, I would say, stop wondering, debating, guessing. Just show up. You won’t regret it!


First place I have felt completely comfortable working out. The atmosphere is very professional, caring, and welcomes my horrible dad jokes on the regular. 10/10 recommend


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