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Updated September 2021

Live Better has implemented the Restrictions Exemption Program



Our top priority is ensuring our members feel safe and comfortable pursuing their fitness journey with us during the pandemic. Our team is dedicated to the ongoing cleanliness of our facility to provide our members with a clean, safe space to sweat! 



  1. Proof of Vaccination (QR Code) & ID, a privately paid negative Rapid test taken within 72 hours or documentation of a medical exemption are required to enter

  2. Limit sharing of equipment.

  3. Wipe all equipment after using.

  4. Mop your work station after using.

  5. Do not attend the gym if you have been out of the country in the past 14 days.

  6. Do not attend the gym if you have any symptoms of COVID-19. This includes:​​

    • Fever​

    • Dry Cough

    • Sore Throat

    • Chest Pain 

    • Headache

    • Loss of Taste/Smell

    • Diarrhea 

    • Rash or Skin Discoloring

  7. Wash hands frequently. 

  8. Avoid touching eyes, nose, mouth. 

  9. You must reserve before entering the gym to workout. No random show ups.



  1. Sanitize common areas (benches, door handles, etc.) daily. 

  2. Sanitize sinks, toilets and bathrooms daily. 

  3. Vacuum and clean turf daily.

  4. Sanitize equipment after every use in classes, personal training sessions, open gym workouts, etc.


​If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking below. 

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