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Strength Training for Fat Loss

Updated: Jun 27

The Great Debate: 🏋🏽WEIGHTS🏋🏽 vs. 🏃🏼CARDIO🏃🏼 for Fat Loss?!

While both cardio and strength training have their own unique benefits and place in every training program, weights definitely take the cake over cardio when it comes to transforming body composition.

1. Basal Metabolic Rate 🍽More muscle mass = higher BMR = more calories burned at rest

2. EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) 🔥Heavy weight training/high-intensity training can leave your body burning calories for up to 38 hours post workout!

3. Reduced Muscle Atrophy 💪🏼As we age, our muscles start to atrophy (decrease muscle mass). Strength training helps us preserve muscle mass and thus keep our basal metabolic rate at a high and safe level.

4. Decreased Risk for Osteoporosis👊🏼Strength training can help reduce your risk of osteoporosis by up to 95%.

5. Confidence 💁🏼Strength training instills a feeling of self-worth and confidence. Nothing feels better thank knowing you are strong and capable of moving some heavy weights around!

If you aren't already including strength training in your health and fitness routine, we definitely recommend adding in at least 2 days per week! Start by working on form and proper technique and then start to build in weight and watch your body transform!

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